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Musician Anton Kuerti on the Harper Government and Project Democracy


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Poster Suggestion

Hey all

As per my previous post I have created a poster template for potential posters to be put around ridings across the country. The names of the regions candidates will be inserted in place of the leaders. Any thoughts on this poster (particularly from those of you who are artsy?  Poster%20Template.pdf

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Oakville CAW all Candidates debate

Oakville Canadian Auto Workers  all candidates debate April 21 saw Catch 22 endorsed candidate MAX KHAN Liberal answer questions clearly and audience response showed great support. Conservative candidate Terrance Young could not explain Contempt of Parliament and was booed and jeered by audience.

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Very happy to see Kingston & the Islands painted red

Ted Hsu is an extraordinary candidate. He's had wonderful opportunities to shine in the series of local debates, with his very able Green & NDP Colleagues. As a thoughtful, compassionate, listener, he will be an ideal advocate for the area.

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1 + 1 + 1 = the biggest election issue you've never heard of

Looking beyond just the horse race, here is Stephen Harper's bigger-picture game-plan / agenda:


1) Take majority control of the Senate.

2) Take majority control of the appointments to the Supreme Court of Canada.

3) Take majority control of the funding of political parties, riding associations, and candidates.


All of the above will be the case if Harper obtains a majority in this…


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Strategic voting needed to restrict Harper

Catch 22 candidate picks unchanged by NDP surge

“NDP moves into tie with Liberals”, screamed headlines in newspapers across the country.

The New Democrats and the Liberals were in a statistical tie moving into the last week of the May 2nd election campaign.

“These polls from…


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It's strategic voting -- or Harper!

Originally published on rabble.ca, April 22, 2011. Kathleen O'Hara is a member of the Catch 22 Campaign.

By Kathleen O'Hara

It all comes down to that age-old question: Does the end justify the means?

Right now, many Canadians are torn between their strong desire to nullify Stephen…


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VANCOUVER QUADRA - 2008 By-Election Libs won by 151 votes!!

In the Vancouver Quadra 2008 By-Election the Liberal candidate won by only 151 votes!! 

Voters in the Vancouver Quadra riding should take note and vote (strategically) to defeat the Conservative candidate (eg vote Liberal)

I don't take comfort from various polling/vote intention results for Vancouver Quadra riding for 2011 election that indicate the Liberals have a wider lead.   For example,…


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A Colourful letter from the South Shore of NS

Someone passed this on to me and it's such a colourful read, I thought I'd post it...Feelings run high down this way - like the winds.


The ferry scandal.

Well strike the headsails, and round her up! Finally, someone who gets the picture. Kudos to Derek Wells and the Liberal party re the ill advised and tragic sinking of the Yarmouth ferry. Yup folks it’s got a kind of familiar ring to it, “Ferry Scandal”. Don’t recall? Well I’ll freshen your memory. The NDP fast…


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Economy is #1

One of the primary motivators for me is the damage I fear the Conservatives will do to the economy. I would say I'm slightly right of centre for economics. I favour incentives for corporations and economic stimulus over government funded jobs. But I very strongly believe that too far right or too far left can cause devastating effects for a national economy. We are quite far right with economic policy now, there is no need to go further. A Harper majority would have the power to…

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Direct link to my petition; Stop Harper! Urge the opposition parties to cooperate in Catch 22's swing ridings

Please use the direct link http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/May-2-Power-vote/.  Your help in widely promoting the petition would be much appreciated as I am new to this technology. Also, I recommend the pro-coalition petition;

 http://www.thepetitionsite.com/13/open-letter-to-michael-ignatieff-and-jack-layton/.  Many…


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Catch 22 stepping it up for final 10 days of the campaign

Most important election in modern times

The Catch 22 Campaign, a grassroots network and Third Party opposing the Harper government in the May 2 election, today announced its plans for the final 10 days of the campaign that includes advertising in newspapers and phone calls to tens of thousands of voters in key ridings.


Catch 22 is also expanding its activities with its…


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The Coalition "Debate": How Stupid Will It Get?

The Coalition "Debate": How Stupid Will It Get?

By John Deverell

There is little more annoying than listening to the leaders of Canada’s two larger political parties opine on what the May 2 election result will mean for “democracy.”

Stephen Harper argues that, if the voting system confers a Parliamentary majority or large minority on him and the Conservative party, then they will…


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22 Reasons to Stop the Harper Conservatives

1) Although the Harper Conservatives campaigned on Transparency, the Speaker of the House of Commons had to rule three times that “the Harper government” appeared to breach parliamentary privilege. For the first time in Canadian history, the government was found in contempt of Parliament.

2) The Information Commissioner said “the Harper government” was the least transparent when it came to Access to Information requests.…


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Strategy going forward

Hey All,

I was thinking that it would be useful to begin to use our resources and those available through project democracy to demonstrate the need for strategic voting to the general public. My main idea is that we should start putting up posters showing project democracy's projections for a close ridings. Literally have these all around the ridings showing that it is projected to be Lunn Retaining with May being a close second and a large vote share going red for example. What will… Continue

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Concerning Nova Scotia's South Shore- St. Margaret's and others...

The situation in this election is far different from the one in 2008.


Voting strategically doesn't take strong changing factors into consideration; rather, it takes a past and frozen moment in time, deciding from myriad conditions that no longer apply.


Here are some major changes affecting South Shore - St. Margarets  that are going to make a big difference !

  • a much stronger, more inspiring new leader in the Liberal Party.
  • Jack Layton's…

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“Firewall Steve” is now “Captain Canada?” Who’s buying it?

By John Deverell

Nobody plays divide-and-conquer more relentlessly than Stephen Harper. The PM this week is selling himself as “Captain Canada,” the only guy to squelch a Quebec separatist revival.

This is the same Stephen Harper who, not long ago, was urging Albertans to build a firewall between Tar Sands Central and the rest of Canada. Then he was…


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SH is only leader of the Conservative Party

Your 'joining' answer is a little off-key.  SH ceased to be prime minister when his government fell.  He is only pm by virtue of leading the ruling party.  It  rules no more.

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Response ffrom Jack Layton regarding the " 50 million dollar / G8 scandal "



Thank you for your message outlining your desire to have the Auditor


report on the G8/G20 meetings made public before Election Day.

I fully agree that Canadians have a right to know what is in the report

before May

2.  We have already seen at least two leaks to the media of

details from

draft versions. Therefore, we think that it is in the best

interests of all

parties involved to clear the air, and only making…


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